viernes, 18 de marzo de 2011

A Doll for Japan ♥

Congratulations to the winners!! Here are the lucky numbers: 

1st Prize - 87
2nd Prize - 15
3rd Prize - 41
4th Prize - 2

Thanks to all of you for participating and helping all together to support our beloved Japan.

Lots of love to ALL of YOU!

       Finally, tomorrow is the big day. I will choose the winners with the aid of on Wednesday, March 30th, at 22:00 in Germany - 20:00 UTC

I'm going to make a screen-capture, which I'll upload, and email the winners afterwards. So..., to all of you..., good luck!!!


   My empathy goes out to those victims affected by the earthquake-tsunami disaster. I don't believe there is any need to say again what catastrophic natural violence has hit the country of Japan. To know that people are living this is a stabbing pain in the chest.

I've seen the last days how generous the Blythe community members are, and I'm proud to be part of this community! I can't say how happy and touched I am!!

I wanted to create a new custom girl and wanted to put her on eBay and give the 100% of the proceeds to Japan. But unfortunately I have none ready to be auctioned.

For this reason I'd like to offer an OOAK Blythe Full Custom Work. The winner will just need to send me his/her stock Blythe, and I'll customize her following the preferences of the winner concerning the style he/she wants for his/her new sweetie.

Details of the Prize
The Custom Work includes:
1- Full Faceup:

  • New make-up applied
  • Carved nose, mouth, eyes and chin
  • New eyechips
  • New eyelashes
  • Boggled eyelids and superior gaze correction
  • Sleepy eyes
  • 2 new pull-strings
2- Wefted quality mohair.

3- Full Outfit designed and handmade by me, with many features and little details.
**All the materials and Shipping fees to your home, once she is ready, are included at my own expense.


While I was writing this info, I was thinking of all of you, and I realized that it's 1 prize only but 100 tickets. And I thought that your generosity deserves more. For this reason I've decided to offer a second prize.

This second prize will be a custom faceup. The winner will just need to send me his/her stock Blythe, and I'll customize her faceup following the preferences of the winner concerning the style he/she wants for his/her new sweetie.

Details of the Second Prize
The Custom Work includes:

Full Faceup:
  • Carved nose, eyes, mouth and chin
  • New make-up applied
  • New eyelashes
  • Boggled eyelids and superior gaze correction
  • Sleepy eyes
  • 2 new pull-strings
**Shipping fees to your home, once she is ready, are included at my own expense.

The Raffle

1 - Amount and cost per ticket

It will be a maximum of 100 tickets at $10 each. That would mean a donation of $1,000 to the Japanese Red Cross Society!

I will assign the tickets in blocks, one by one, giving them in the order of the purchase.

2 - Deadline

I will keep the Raffle up until Wednesday, March 30th. I will pick the winners when the Raffle closes on this day with the aid of

There will be an update on the exact closing time for the Raffle one or two days beforehand. This is because I need to make sure to be home at this moment, which I don't know yet.

3 - How can you purchase your ticket?

You can pay for your ticket(s) through Paypal.
Please send payments as gifts to maximize the funds for Japan.

Paypal address:

Important: Please, do not use the word "raffle" anywhere in your payment, because it is supposedly against Paypal rules. Simply write "A doll for Japan", "Japan", "For Japan"..., as the subjet instead.

Please, include in the Paypal message your name or/and nickname.

Once the payment is received, I'll send you an e-mail with the numbers you have, and your name or nickname will be posted on the list on this site.

Thank you all of you for your support and kindness!! And thanks so much in advance for all your donations! 

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact me through my website. You can find the link on the right!!!




Dear friends,

Good news! I just have sent the first part of funds to the Japanese Red Cross Society! $500 from the 50 tickets that are already sold!!

I hope that the day the Raffle ends, other $500 can fly to Japan!

I'm receiving lots of kind words from you during these days. It's not easy to explain how I feel... I'm sad and happy at the same time. I wanna cry and I wanna smile, and this is possible thanks to all of you!

I never did imagine that because of such an occasion, which is the devastating situation in Japan, I would know so many incredible, generous and good people. You all are amazing!!

My dear friend Ainhoa - Llueve Sencillo, has decided to donate 2 of her beautiful creations!! They will be the 3th and 4th prizes!

Thank you very much, Ainhoa, love you!! 

  1. Camilla/camillaeatfiftyeggs
  2. Camilla/camillaeatfiftyeggs
  3. Camilla/camillaeatfiftyeggs
  4. Anouska Samp
  5. SummerLovesBlythe
  6. Nenya
  7. LaViri
  8. Supernenek
  9. Bebeimaginary
  10. Cagla/*Chacha*
  11. Cagla/*Chacha*
  12. Cagla/*Chacha*
  13. Diana/Pomponette
  14. Diana/Pomponette
  15. Diana/Pomponette
  16. Ling Cao
  17. Ling Cao
  18. Gina/GBaby
  19. Fae/Pomme-Pomme
  20. Melissa/Best Dressed Doll
  21. Melissa/Best Dressed Doll
  22. Greta Ruiz
  23. Greta Ruiz
  24. Miguel C.
  25. Miguel C.
  26. Miguel C.
  27. Claudina Cavaco
  28. Effiethedal
  29. Effiethedal
  30. Effiethedal
  31. Effiethedal
  32. House of Pinku
  33. An/poppy~OhChiWaWa
  34. Melacacia
  35. Tess/sofaeryrotten
  36. Stephanie/The Blythe Banner
  37. Lindsay/ellewoods2007
  38. Ana M. Domínguez
  39. Snoopygirl
  40. Pamela/Lawdeda
  41. Pamela/Lawdeda
  42. Pamela/Lawdeda
  43. Reggiesdolls
  44. Reggiesdolls
  45. Reggiesdolls
  46. Reggiesdolls
  47. Reggiesdolls
  48. Zoe Favole
  49. Eva/Haruka
  50. Eva/Haruka
  51. Laia/Miss KiTTy
  52. Tunga
  53. T. Pelz
  54. Gretchen/Isa
  55. María Arenas
  56. electrikbarbarella
  57. electrikbarbarella
  58. electrikbarbarella
  59. Cat Craig
  60. Cat Craig
  61. blythe.collector
  62. blythe.collector
  63. blythe.collector
  64. Supernenek
  65. *Esthy*/Esthy&Lulla
  66. LadyPetunia
  67. MUSSE2009
  68. María Arenas
  69. Laia/Miss KiTTy
  70. Tomaticopartio
  71. Dafnery
  72. Dafnery
  73. Anouska Samp
  74. Baccarita
  75. Jaiza
  76. Marshmallow
  77. Higadillo
  78. M. Arenas
  79. Makoto Mania
  80. Jimena58
  81. *Alanna*
  82. Alma7
  83. Deb. H
  84. Deb. H
  85. Deb. H
  86. Lindsay/ellewoods2007
  87. Gina/GBaby
  88. Immunoblythe
  89. Immunoblythe
  90. Gina/GBaby
  91. Camilla/camillaeatfiftyeggs
  92. Camilla/camillaeatfiftyeggs
  93. ..
  94. ..
  95. ..
  96. ..
  97. ..
  98. ..
  99. ..
  100. ..

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  1. yo he hecho el pago también, pero no aparezco. Está sin actualizar? Muchas gracias por la iniciativa.

  2. Gracias, Nenya :-)

    Tunga, aún no he recibido ninguna notificación de Paypal sobre tu pago. Hasta ahora mismo, todos los que me han ido llegando figuran en la lista. Pero pudiera estar saturado y tomarse su tiempo.

    Comprueba en tu cuenta de Paypal una vez más, y si te sigue indicando todo correcto, contáctame por e-mail.

    Mil gracias!!

  3. Reina este blog es sólo para el sorteo? O seguirás con él? Que te follow ya!

  4. Seguiré con él abierto por si lo necesito en otro momento, Ripper. Pero, de todos modos, tú siempre sabes cómo encontrarme :-)

  5. VAle, lo tenía mal hecho!!!

    A qué dirección te puedo escribir? A la misma de paypal?

  6. Sí, ése es mi correo electrónico :-)

    Y desde mi web (el link aparece arriba a la derecha), también puedes escribirme directamente. Lo que tú prefieras ;-)

  7. Enviado también! Qué rápida has sido actualizandoo! Ni siquiera me dio tiempo a contestarte al mensajee! :))

  8. Ya está hecho te llegará el pago de marshmallow, gracias.

  9. Jaiza, es que estoy de guardia en casa, haciendo de enfermera con los gorditos. A Fausto le han operado el lunes, y Federica está con una infección en el oído descomunal. Así que..., no puedo dejarles solos si no quiero que alguno se accidente (aún más)... Por eso la rapidez para actualizar :-D

    Mirthazz, ya estás en la lista! Mil gracias! :-)

  10. Vaya! Espero que se recuperen muuuy prontoo! Pobrecines! :)

  11. ¡Qué lindo los vestidos de Ainhoa! Mil gracias a ti también, guapa!

  12. Enhorabuena a todas las ganadoras! :))
    Que bieen! Voy a poder ver una RDS junto a las preciosas niñas de Go Baby! n___n